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  • 注塑機_寧波海雄塑料機械有限公司


    Chinaplas 2018

    Chinaplas 2018

    Booth number: 4.1J93

    Date: 2018.4.24- 27

    Add: National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai.

    Ningbo HaiXiong Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. (booth number: 4.1J93) is a professional manufacturer of "HaiXiong" brand high-grade precision plastic injection molding machine, China's plastics injection molding machine industry top 15 enterprises. HaiXiong company is the management tenet of "taking the road of science and technology, making high grade machine", and "pursuing excellence and shaping perfection" is the management idea of HaiXiong.

    Ningbo HaiXiong Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd., aiming at the production requirements of thin-walled packaging products, the third generation HXYD430 hydraulic-electric injection molding machine developed by electric injection and hydraulic opening and closing mold will be exhibited in this exhibition.




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