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    China 's new opportunities for plastic machinery products

    Data show that although the development of the plastics industry in Thailand is limited, but in the past 10 years, investment in plastic equipment has reached as much as 1 billion US dollars, plastic machinery market prospects are optimistic. In order to continue to produce a variety of modern products, the Thai plastics industry must update the equipment, the introduction of advanced technology, it is possible with other countries and regions of the plastic products manufacturers competition.

    At present, the Thai plastics industry can only provide general household plastic products, the future also need to continue to increase investment. According to the Thai Plastics Corporation, the future investment in the plastics industry in Thailand is about $ 2 billion. Thus, Thailand's plastic machinery market there is a huge business opportunities. Thai plastics association chairman said that there is no plastic company to invest in modern high-quality plastic products production equipment, and the development of the mold factory also lagged behind the world industry. In this case, many Thai plastics companies have realized the existence of the crisis, began to enter the overseas market, investment in the introduction of high-tech equipment.

    In 1995 the Thai government began to encourage the development of the plastics industry, in the past few years to become one of the fastest growing industries. At the same time, "2010 Thailand Plastics Industry Development Plan and 2020 Vision" will be household goods and high-tech products as the focus of the development of the plastics industry, while Thailand is expected in the future annual consumption growth rate of 25% to 30%, 2016 per capita Plastic consumption will reach about 50 kilograms, 2016 Thailand's plastic exports reached 500,000 tons or so. The next few years, Thailand's plastics industry will have a greater development.

    First of all, China's plastics machinery enterprises after years of development, already have a certain strength, relative to the international large enterprise products, China's plastic machinery product advantages are mainly in terms of cost, China's product prices lower, to a wider range To enter the scope of the Thai enterprises within the range; Second, the establishment of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, China's exports of products to reduce tariffs; in January 2007, Thailand's accession to the WTO, but also for China's exports of plastic machinery products provide opportunities for Thailand.

    In order to expand domestic and international market share, Thailand's plastics companies have increased investment, increase the scale of operation. As Thailand's industrial development is relatively backward, especially the backwardness of the machinery manufacturing industry, making Thailand's plastic machinery and equipment need a lot of imports for China's exports of plastic machinery products provide opportunities for Thailand.



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